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Can't shut down a fixed-speed cruise car on the Highway

March 14, 2018 around 8 o'clock in the evening, Jiaozuo Mr. Xue driving Yu h5lxxx Mercedes-Benz c200l sedan, along the high-speed from east to west to Chengdu to participate in the national Fair.

At that time, he drove alone from the high-speed Luoyang section of the high-speed, then turned on the vehicle speed cruise mode, 120 kilometers per hour to the west.

All the way smoothly Mr. Xue after the Sanmenxia East station, the need to switch manual driving, but found a deadly situation: brakes and gear and other systems can not operate normally, 120 kilometers per hour of the car, how can not switch back. Just bought one months of car problems, let him at a loss, the car has been unable to slow down, unable to stop.

This means that he will face the test of life and death as long as there is any obstacle to spin down.

Mr. Xue in the course of many telephone consultation after the Mercedes-Benz sales, according to its various solutions provided for operation, not result... At 9:35, in desperation, he called 110 to call for help.

Lingbao Public Security Bureau 110 after the police, quickly informed the Sanmenxia Lu Li Joint Center.

"Self-help" want to use scratch, rear-end spin down finally give up the adventure that night 9:40, distance Mr. Xue Alarm last 5 minutes.

Sanmenxia Shi High Speed Traffic Police Second brigade accident Police Zhang Jianyong, Zhang Jingbo received police, according to the Captain Yang Hongwei instructions, they immediately driving police car sounded the siren, all the way "bite tight" This "problem Mercedes-Benz." The civilian police contacted Mr. Xue to understand the situation and to initiate consultations on contingency measures.

The vehicles are still running out of control and are getting closer to the provincial station in Henan and Shaanxi.

On the phone, the police further appease Mr. Xue, let it stabilize the mood, maintain calm, timely take emergency measures to hedge.

At the same time, the police also informed the Provincial Order Squadron Leader Chaihai, in provincial toll station to arrange the police to go all out to help, open a life passage, and notify all toll stations along the line, on the station vehicles to control, reduce road vehicles.

Runaway Mercedes is still running.

In the continued comfort of the police, life hangs on a line of Mr. Xue to keep calm, with excellent driving technology, in the way of the dangerous situation to continue to move forward. High-speed traffic police told the Henan Business newspaper reporter, in this section of the road, we also want to have an emergency risk aversion, such as scratches on the road guardrail, trucks, or rear-ended with the moving truck to spin down.

But the stakes are too high to give up.

But not far ahead there is a pass, will test the parties again.

"Try" to open the door and force the vehicle to drop to 60 kilometers per hour. The traffic police told Henan Commercial newspaper reporter, in from Sanmenxia to the Henan-Shaanxi field This paragraph, Mr. Xue has tried a way.

It is to loosen the seat belt and open a few doors while the vehicle is running, which will force the vehicle to spin down. "The speed did drop, down from 120 to almost 60." "The police said, although the speed down, but still not slow, and the door opened a little, the vehicle was very unstable and dangerous."

So Mr. Xue closed the door again.

But when the door was closed, the speed of the car was quickly back to 120 km/h. "The owner's driving skills are really good, and the car is Mercedes Benz, our Skoda police car in the back of the road did not catch the front." "" Test "Yu-shan traffic police to clear the way to let the car through the toll station provincial toll station, is to test the important one of the parties.

If this is not completely unobstructed, it will not be able to run the Mercedes-Benz smoothly through. Moreover, the toll station Lane is diverted, and there is not as spacious as highway, Mr. Xue needs to drive at 120 kilometers per hour driving past.

This is a test for anyone.

Police quickly emptied the toll station three etc lanes, and guaranteed the provincial Station Center square unimpeded.

At the same time, the police and the Shaanxi high-speed traffic police communication, opened all into Shaanxi Lane.

In this way, Henan, Shaanxi Province, two provincial traffic police continued to relay, with 10 minutes of time, for Mr. Xue opened a smooth passage of life. Everything is ready after less than 1 minutes, that night 10:25, according to the guidance of the traffic police, Mr. Xue driving Mercedes-Benz lightning speed from the Henan-Shaanxi toll station, etc channel without obstacles through provincial station, out of Henan.

Monitoring screen, a white car flashed past, can not see clear models. "System Stop" Mercedes-Benz aftermarket operation car finally no longer out of control distance Mr. Xue has been in the police for almost one hours, in the runaway car, in addition to waiting and praying, Mr. Xue has no other way.

How can the car stop?

The delightful news soon came: After entering Shaanxi, after the Mercedes-Benz finally through the remote operation, so that the car out of control distance up to 100 kilometers, runaway time nearly an hour of Mercedes-Benz, restore normal control, safely docked at the spot of the 923KM section of the Huayin, and from the port was safely towed away from the high-speed.

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