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Marriage is not for everyone

Marriage is not for everyone, kids are not for everyone either.

One of the reason the population of Canada is shrinking if without immigration is that sane people won't get married and have kids, or at least be cautions about it. 

If you are happily inside marriage with kids, congratulation!

The divorce rate is said to be between 40% and 50%. The rate would be higher if some of the sane people chose to get married and had trouble later. They are wise enough to stay away from it or at least postpone it.

Marriage is a good word. But it is not for everyone. Think carefully before you get in. Getting married and/or having kids are possibly one of the many stupid things you can do in your life, even it is not always end up unhappily.

The above is just complain from loser. If you are successful man, it doesn't apply to you at all.

If you think man and woman are treated equally before family law and domestic issue, think again. It may seems like that. In reality, you need money and lawyer to try to save you a little from your miserable life. The reality is, you either get well along with your partner, or stay away from her. There is nothing in between. Otherwise you get trouble sooner or later, that is not what wise man should do. 

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