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本月初,美国夏威夷的火奴鲁鲁通过了一项历史性的法案:"僵尸法"(Zombie law),规定行人在过十字路口时还在发短信或者漫不经心的看手机,可能被罚款35美元,严重的话罚款更高。


据CBC最新报道,安省自由党省议员Yvan Baker已经提出一项私人法案。Baker是多伦多伊桃碧谷中心(Etobicoke Centre)选区的议员。他表示,这个法案的目的,首先是让公众提高安全意识。行人们必须理解,当他们一边双眼紧盯在手机上,一边走下人行道时的风险。

Drive with care.

If you must drive on Halloween be mindful that children are excited about trick-or-treating and may not always remember to look both ways before crossing the street. Drive slowly and watch for kids at the usual crossing sections and crosswalks but also mid-block too.

Mandarin most spoken non-official language

641,100 Canadians speak Mandarin at home.
594,705 speak Cantonese.
568,375 speak Punjabi.
553,495 speak Spanish.
525,375 speak Tagalog.
514,200 speak Arabic.
No individual non-official language spoken by more than two per cent of Canadians at home.

Price per square foot, if you’re in the North America

Price per square foot, if you're in the North America. Or price per square meter if you're in the rest of the world. One square meter equals 10.7639 square feet. So, for quick calculations, you can just multiply square meter measured real estate by 10 to quickly calculate the cost of real estate in square footage terms. For example, a 1,000 square foot apartment that is selling for $100,000 means that it costs $100 per square foot. In square meter terms, it'd cost approximately $1,000 per square meter.

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada (OSFI) yesterday published the final version of its Residential Mortgage Underwriting Practices and Procedures, which will come into effect January 1, 2018.

As it applies to all federally regulated mortgages, the changes to Guideline B-20 focus on the "minimum qualifying rate for uninsured mortgages, expectations around loan-to-value (LTV) frameworks and limits, and restrictions to transactions designed to circumvent those LTV limits."

Flesh-eating bacteria refers to a type of very rare but serious bacterial infection known as necrotizing fasciitis.

Necrotizing fasciitis is an infection that starts in the tissues just below the skin and spreads along the flat layers of tissue (fascia) that separate different layers of soft tissue, such as muscle and fat. This dangerous and potentially deadly infection most commonly occurs in the arms, legs, and abdominal wall and is fatal in 30%-40% of cases.

Good hygiene practices are the best way to prevent a bacterial infection of the skin.

Prevention of infection includes avoidance of swimming in pools or open water sources, or soaking in hot tubs, with open wounds or sores. Additionally, keeping open wounds covered with dry bandages until healed, washing hands often, and proper care of wounds and injuries, including scrapes, blisters, and cuts, can prevent infection.

The cost of new fixed-rate mortgages have risen

The Bank of Canada has raised its key interest rate target twice this year, driving the big bank prime rates and the cost of variable-rate mortgages higher. The cost of new fixed-rate mortgages have also risen as yields on the bond market have also risen.

judgement of first instance of embezzlement in Yang Xiuzhu: sentenced to eight years' imprisonment

In October 13th 2017, the Hangzhou Intermediate people's Court of Hangzhou City publicly pronounced the case of "one hundred Red Tong" No. 1 personnel, Yang Xiuzhu, on corruption and bribery, and sentenced Yang Xiuzhu, the defendant, to six years' imprisonment and a fine of 500,000 yuan. Sentenced to five years of imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 yuan for the crime of accepting bribes; Decided to carry out eight years' imprisonment and a fine of 800,000 yuan; To recover twenty-six million three hundred and ninety-nine thousand and four hundred and fifty-five yuan from Yang Xiuzhu's corruption and bribery. After the trial, it was found that from December 1996 to May 1999, the defendant Yang Xiuzhu took advantage of the functions of Chairman of Wenzhou Railway Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Assistant Mayor of Wenzhou, Deputy Mayor of Wenzhou, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Construction Department. For the purpose of illegal possession, the embezzlement of publ…