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Bell student plans

Fibe 25 Internet - $49.95/month (regularly $74.95/month) Up to 25 Mbps download speedUp to 10 Mbps upload speed350GB of monthly usageFibe 50 Internet - $54.95/month (regularly $89.95/month)
Up to 50 Mbps download speedUp to 50 Mbps upload speedUnlimited usageFibe 100 Internet - $59.95/month (regularly $94.95/month)
Up to 100 Mbps download speedUp to 10 Mbps upload speedUnlimited usageFibe 150 Internet - $64.95/month (regularly $99.95/month)
Up to 150 Mbps download speedUp to 50 Mbps upload speedUnlimited usage

There's a brand new, 2-Day sale from Porter Airlines

You can find deals on one-way fares to various destinations starting from as low as $77.00!
No promo code is needed to take advantage of these discounts, just head to this web page, where you can view current deals from your city to various destinations in both Canada and the US.
Check out some of the available prices for one-way flights below:
Chicago to Toronto - $119.00Halifax to Montreal - $166.00New York to Montreal - $109.00North Bay to Toronto - $77.00North Bay to Montreal - $97.00Ottawa to Washington - $161.00Ottawa to Moncton - $178.00Pittsburgh to Toronto - $109.00Toronto to New York - $163.00Toronto to Halifax - $169.00Toronto to Montreal - $128.00Toronto to Boston - $171.00Washington to Montreal - $104.00

Week-long police crackdown on rush-hour rule breakers begins

Toronto police are starting a week-long rush-hour traffic blitz on Monday morning, with a focus on traffic congestion and gridlock within the downtown core. Along with parking enforcement officers, police say there will be zero-tolerance for those breaking the rules. Extra officers are being called in to issue tickets while traffic services will be towing away vehicles as needed.

Auto insurance rates have increased

On July 18th, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) announced they approved rate changes for 22 auto insurers that amounts to an average increase in premiums of 0.76%.
The five first responders stopped the shootout, which took place at a baseball field in Washington's suburbs. Republican lawmakers and some of their staff and aides were practicing at the time for an annual baseball game between Republican and Democratic members of Congress.

The King Street Pilot was approved to move forward starting this fall.

The goal of the Pilot is to improve the transit and pedestrian realm on King Street, between Jarvis and Bathurst. This means that there will be no through traffic for cars. Streetcar patrons are being prioritized. The Pilot will run for at least a year. If successful, it could become permanent and applied to other busy transportation routes in the core.

Resale market cools

According to the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), MLS-listed sales in the GTA in June were down more than 37% compared to June 2016 and nearly 40% down in the first 14 days of July.

Celebrate Healthy Parks Healthy People with Ontario Parks!

Free day-use at all Ontario Parks.

Doors are opened to everyone in Ontario once per year.

There will be no charge for day-use visitation during the celebration. Parks across the province will offer events and activities that encourage people to visit parks and be active. Explore a new park, sample park facilities and services or enjoy a fun event in a great natural setting!

Seven per cent of residential real estate transactions in Toronto

The Ontario government released data that show foreign buyers were involved in seven per cent of residential real estate transactions in Toronto and nine per cent in York Region, a suburb north of the city, between April 24 and May 26, the month following the introduction of the foreign buyer tax.

Anxiety scale

Physical and mental characteristics of anxiety.
0 - Fully Relaxed: no tension, calm, feeling peaceful
1 - Minimal Anxiety: feeling slightly nervousness, more alert or aware
2 - Mild Anxiety: muscle tension, tingling or butterflies in stomach
3- Moderate Anxiety: heart and breathing increase, feeling slightly uncomfortable but still in control
4 - Marked Anxiety: clear muscle tension, increased feelings of being uncomfortable, starting to wonder about staying in control
5- Beginning Panic: heart is starting to race or beat irregularly, dizziness, clear fear of losing control, wanting to escape
6 - Moderate Panic: heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, feeling disoriented
7 to10 - Full Panic Attack: feelings of terror, fear of dying, and increased feelings of moderate panic

Drive with caution.

Drive carefully when traveling on the road, this way you'll avoid getting a ticket and you'll be sure that the people on your trip are safe. Always make sure that your passengers have their seatbelts fastened.

Housing imbalances in Canada

The International Monetary Fund said on Thursday that while Canada's economy has regained momentum, housing imbalances have increased and uncertainty surrounding trade negotiations with the United States could hurt the recovery.

Foreign buyers were involved in nine per cent of real estate transactions in York Region

Of 1,974 total real estate transactions in York Region — a suburb north of Toronto that includes the cities of Markham and Vaughan — 180 involved foreign buyers between April 24 and May 26, the province's preliminary data found.

In Toronto foreign buyers bought 7.2 per cent of the properties sold during that period.

Bank of Canada raises interest rates

The Bank of Canada raised its overnight lending rate to 0.75 per cent from 0.5 per cent Wednesday, citing "bolstered" confidence that the Canadian economy has finally getting better.

Most accidents happen between midnight and 8:00am.

It's not surprising that driving when your body thinks it should be sleeping is fighting a losing battle. To avoid this, either schedule your road trip during daylight hours, or, if you must travel at night, make sure to get plenty of sleep ahead of time.

Toronto gets a massive transit investment

Toronto gets a massive transit investment

Mayor John Tory said Toronto is expected to receive, "$4.8 billion of Ontario's $8.34-billion allocation from the Government of Canada for our transit network expansion plan, which includes the Relief Line, Smart Track, the Eglinton East LRT and Waterfront transit."

Welcome to CPAC Table Tennis Club

The CPAC Table Tennis Club (CPACTTC) welcomes CPAC members who are 50 or over and non-CPAC members who are 55 or over to learn and play Table Tennis for free. Tournaments will be organized from time to time. The CPAC Table Tennis Club is a member-based recreational club, and it is mandatory to present your CPACTTC membership card while entering into CPACTTC facilities. To apply for membership, please fill out the online form.