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Liability for damage to non-owned automobile

With this coverage, you, your spouse and anyone listed in the policy as a driver may be covered, up to a specified limit, for damage to rented or borrowed vehicles, anywhere in Canada and the U.S.

For Example:

• While on a two-week vacation in New York, you hit a concrete barrier when driving a rental vehicle. You are covered for damages to that vehicle up to the amount of insurance mentioned in the endorsement.

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Tuesday January 24, 2006 - 08:34pm (EST)

When I moved to Jimei 9 months ago, I was not familiar with the place. I got used to it after half a year. According to one of my neighbors, “Some part of Jimei is nice, some part of Jimei is disgusting”. Not for only once, when I walk along some beautiful quiet streets of Jimei, I feel the beauty of it and feel like in the heaven. Even till now  I am still not familiar with it, but when the bus drives along the bridge and I look at that place, I know I do know something about this place and it is part of my memory for ever. And just before the Chinese new year, I hear the song composed by one of the Jimei people. “最美是集美,集天下之美”.