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Andrew Scheer narrowly elected leader of federal Conservative party

Andrew Scheer, a longtime Saskatchewan MP and former Speaker of the House of Commons, has been narrowly elected the new leader of the federal Conservative party. The nail-biting process of winnowing the field went down to the final 13th ballot before Scheer, 38, was declared the winner with 51 per cent of the available points, edging out longtime front-runner Maxime Bernier.

Rouge National Urban Park will be one of the largest and best protected urban parks of its kind in the world

A rich assembly of natural, cultural and agricultural landscapes, Rouge National Urban Park is home to amazing biodiversity, some of the last remaining working farms in the Greater Toronto Area, Carolinian ecosystems, Toronto's only campground, one of the region's largest marshes, unspoiled beaches, amazing hiking opportunities, and human history dating back over 10,000 years, including some of Canada's oldest known Indigenous sites.

Parks Canada is excited to work towards the establishment of Canada's first national urban park – Rouge National Urban Park – in the Greater Toronto Area.

Once fully established, Rouge National Urban Park will be one of the largest and best protected urban parks of its kind in the world, spanning 79.1 square kilometres in the heart of Canada's largest and most diverse metropolitan area, overlapping the cities of Toronto, Markham and Pickering and the Township of Uxbridge. Indeed, Rouge National Urban Park will be 22 times larger than C…

Rouge National Urban Park

Rouge National Urban Park is a large national urban park under delevlopment in the Greater Toronto Area, covering the cities of Toronto, Markham and Pickering and in the township of Uxbridge in the province of Ontario, Canada

In Canada, we have a real address to Santa Claus!

Mr and Mrs Claus

North Pole, H0H0H0


Children write to him, which goes to their local postal office, and awesome volunteers who take time out of their days reply to the letter! They can reply in more than 30 different languages. Even Braille! Then Canada Post mails them back with a nice handwritten letter!

Three Mississippi teenagers are accused of killing a 6-year-old boy after stealing the car he was left in.

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The CRA is warning Canadians that fraudulent emails and phone calls purporting to be from the Agency are currently being reported.

Taxpayers should be vigilant when they receive, either by telephone, mail, text message or email, a fraudulent communication that claims to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requesting personal information such as a social insurance number, credit card number, bank account number, or passport number.

These scams may insist that this personal information is needed so that the taxpayer can receive a refund or a benefit payment. Cases of fraudulent communication could also involve threatening or coercive language to scare individuals into paying fictitious debt to the CRA. Other communications urge taxpayers to visit a fake CRA website where the taxpayer is then asked to verify their identity by entering personal information. These are scams and taxpayers should never respond to these fraudulent communications or click on any of the links provided.

A greater fool in housing market

People are purchasing a home not based on any fundamental value, or even because they think it's worth the price. They're buying because they think prices will always go up.

These people operate on the assumption that since prices "always go up", they can simply unload the property at any time.

The next person that buys at an inflated price likely thinks the same thing.

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A 16-year-old student from Vincent Massey Secondary School in Windsor took home the top prize at the national final for the Sanofi Biogenius Canada competition held in Ottawa on Monday.

Tasnia Nabil won for her research project called "A Novel Computational Approach to Advance Ferromagnetic NanoTherapy as a Therapeutic Solution for Cancer," which looked into new ways to calculate the impact certain microscopic nanoparticles can have on cancerous cells in the human body.

Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Canada’s big six banks on Wednesday evening

Moody's Investors Service concerns about soaring household debt and housing prices. David Beattie, a senior vice president at Moody's said in a statement: "Continued growth in Canadian consumer debt and elevated housing prices leaves consumers, and Canadian banks, more vulnerable to downside risks facing the Canadian economy than in the past"

Information is important

Emotion is often the circuit-breaking factor in pulling the trigger on a complex or overwhelming decision. But for experts making complex decisions that have long term consequences, it can't be pure impulse. High performers typically use the circuit breaker of "instinct," "gut feeling," or other emotions only once their expert, unconscious mind has absorbed all the facts required to make a decision.

Equitable Bank is Canada's ninth largest independent Schedule I bank, serving Canadians coast to coast.

It offers a diverse suite of residential lending, commercial lending and savings solutions, including high-interest savings products and GICs. Through its proven branchless approach and customer service focus, Equitable Bank has grown to approximately $17 billion in assets under management. Most recently, Equitable Bank launched a digital banking operation, EQ Bank, and introduced the EQ Bank Savings Plus Account. Equitable Bank currently employs over 500 employees across the country.

Heavy rain is expected at City of Toronto

The ground, already near saturation, has little ability to absorb further rainfall.

40-70 mm of rain expected today through Saturday.

Rain will spread into the region this afternoon and is forecast to persist through Saturday as the weather system responsible stalls over the region. The rain is expected to taper to showers Saturday night.

With the ground already saturated, there is the potential for local flooding. For information concerning flooding please consult your local Conservation Authority or Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry District office.

Localized flooding in low-lying areas is possible. Don't approach washouts near rivers, creeks and culverts.