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10/19/2016 Regent Park Film Festival Fundraising Screening - Hip Hop Evolution Downtown $50 - $59

Hip-Hop was born out of the brilliance of a community of Black youth in the South Bronx. Today, it continues to have relevance that goes beyond being just a genre of music; it is a lifestyle, a form of resistance and way of building community. We follow Canadian rapper Shad, as he travels through the South Bronx and Harlem to retrace the roots of hip hop with icons DJ Kool Herc, Africa Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash and Ice Cube. Hosted by CBC Radio 2's Amanda Parris, who will lead a conversation with Canada's first female MC Michie Mee, Anishinaabe rapper and bboy Que Rock, award winning journalist and scholar Dalton Higgins and youth hip hop artist and organizer LolaBunz.
by via City of Toronto All Events

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05/01/2016 00:00:00 Diversions: Ravinder Rai & Sebastián Benítez Duo Southeast Free

Diversions showcases the photographic outcomes of an ongoing artistic dialogue between emerging artists Ravinder Rai and Sebastián Benítez. Engaging in themes of contemporary identity, culture, image, objects, commodification, and sexuality, this exhibition shares a process of awareness and discovery as Rai and Benítez photographically respond to each other's work. Featuring playful and clever self-portraits and still life photographs, this exhibition also incorporates elements of installation and mixed media.


Tuesday January 24, 2006 - 08:34pm (EST)

When I moved to Jimei 9 months ago, I was not familiar with the place. I got used to it after half a year. According to one of my neighbors, “Some part of Jimei is nice, some part of Jimei is disgusting”. Not for only once, when I walk along some beautiful quiet streets of Jimei, I feel the beauty of it and feel like in the heaven. Even till now  I am still not familiar with it, but when the bus drives along the bridge and I look at that place, I know I do know something about this place and it is part of my memory for ever. And just before the Chinese new year, I hear the song composed by one of the Jimei people. “最美是集美,集天下之美”.