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10/07/2016 From : Nothing Downtown $20 - $29

From: Nothing is a one-night-only celebration of emerging designers that presents an exhibition that goes beyond the realm of traditional art in a museum. Jaime Webster, ACC Studio, DSTRY, and KID Studio, will present a series of ethereal visual projections and digital art sure to cause conversation. From: Nothing examines the human need to create and control – to maintain a sense of order in life through art and creative practice.Their work seeks to create a dialogue that bridges the gap between high-and low-brow and in turn, leaves a mark on our cultural landscape. Drinks generously provided by Ace Hill Beer and Gooderham & Worts, with great eats + giveaways TBA!

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ChargingIf your timer has sat unused for some time then you may need to leave it plugged into
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