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06/29/2016 The Pain in my Ass or: How to Adult Downtown $10 - $19

Solomon Roberts is fresh out of school and looking to begin the next phase of his life. His parents expect him to continue his education, while his girlfriend expects him to plan for the future and settle down. Solomon is scared having all this pressure and responsibility on him, so he develops a desire to go travel the world. As he struggles to make a decision, he notices an odd hole around his tailbone. He learns that he has a pilonidal cyst, which can only be removed through surgery. Solomon undergoes the procedure, but the unexpectedly long recovery time leaves makes him worry that his life is stagnating. Solomon feels totally left behind when he learns his brother is getting married and already expecting a child by the end of the year!

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Dealership’s “White Friday” Deal: Buy A New Vehicle Now, Get A Refund If It Snows 6 Inches On Christmas

(Firehouse Designs)

We’ve seen retailers make a big gamble for events like the Super Bowl (and lose millions in merchandise, in one case), but this might be the first time we’ve caught wind of a car dealership willing togive out free cars just to woo Black Friday shoppers.
In what one Chicago-area Buick dealership is calling a “White Friday” sale, customers who buy any brand new Buick or GMC vehicle on Nov. 28 and 29 will have the chance to get all that money back come Christmas, reports the Chicago Tribune.
The catch is, it has to snow six inches or more on Christmas Day, a measurement that must be recorded at the O’Hare International Airport weather station.
The chances of getting any amount of snowfall in Chicago on that day are between 40% to 50%, according to the Illinois Climatologist office, much less an entire six inches.
Even so, if the dealership is smart, it’s got some kind of insurance policy backing this deal up.
Dealership offers free cars if it snows on Christmas Day [Chicago…