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Public Transit Etiquette

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•Avoid eating anything messy or smelly. Be careful with drinks, especially hot ones.
• Wait for everyone getting off the train or bus or elevator to actually get off before you start to get on. Step out of the way.
•When rushing to catch a subway train, do not push people who are in front of you so you’ll make it on. Another train will be there in a few minutes.
•Give up your seat for elderly people, pregnant women and even mothers with small children, especially if you’re sitting in the chairs designated for them near the doors.
•Move to the window seat so others getting on after you can sit beside you.
•Keep your music and conversations to a reasonable noise level.
•Don’t attend to your personal hygiene needs, such as brushing your hair or clipping your nails.
•If you answer a phone call on your cell phone, remember that you don’t need to shout. Speak quietly.
•Wait in line while waiting for a bus, and have your payment ready when boarding.
•If you need to ask the driver a quest…

Water consumption: showers vs baths

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This depends on how long you like to shower and whether or not you have an energy-efficient shower head. To find out which uses more water for you, try a simple test. The next time you shower, plug the drain and let the water stay in the tub. At the end of your normal shower, check the water level. Is there more or less water than you use for a bath?
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Ontario: The saveONenergy Spring COUPON EVENT is back

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saveONenergy COUPONS offer instant savings across a wide range of energy-efficient products, including LED bulbs, power bars with integrated timer or auto-shutoff, and specialty CFLs.

There are many benefits to using energy-efficient products in your home. Many energy-efficient products last longer and reduce the amount of time spent on replacement and upkeep.

From Friday, March 29, until Sunday, April 28, saveONenergy COUPONS will be available at participating retailers or online.

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