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Generic Drugs: Same Medicine, Lower Cost

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Generic manufacturers are able to sell their products for lower prices because they are not required to develop a new drug from scratch with pre-clinical studies or to repeat the many costly clinical trials of new drugs, Khan says. Generally, they also do not pay for costly advertising, marketing and promotion.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, generic drugs save consumers an estimated $8 to $10 billion a year at retail pharmacies. Even more billions are saved when hospitals use generics.

But not every drug has a comparable generic. To find out if there is a generic equivalent for your brand-name drug, use Drugs@FDA. You can also search for generic equivalents by using FDA's "Electronic Orange Book." You can also consult the most recent monthly approvals for "First Generics." - Great Prices on Inkjet and Toner Cartridges!

Sony announces PlayStation 4

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Sony announces PlayStation 4

Sony announced the PlayStation 4, its next generation gaming console, at its event in New York Wednesday. - Great Prices on Inkjet and Toner Cartridges!

Ubuntu Phone Software Design Revealed; Volunteers to Help Make Core Apps

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Ubuntu Phone Software Design Revealed; Volunteers to Help Make Core Apps
Yahoo! News (blog)
As of yet, there's no word on what smartphones running the Ubuntu OS will look like, hardware-wise. But Canonical -- the tech startup which drives much of Ubuntu's development and looks for ways to exploit it commercially -- just recently posted its ... - Great Prices on Inkjet and Toner Cartridges!

Independent Learning Centre - Ontario's Designated Provider of Distance Education

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The Independent Learning Centre is the province's designated provider of distance education courses designed for independent study.ILC courses are available to non-residents of Ontario: students from other provinces or territories of Canadastudents on study visas attending post-secondary programs in Canadaindividuals with work permitsresidents of other countries - Great Prices on Inkjet and Toner Cartridges!

Banks refusing to issue $208m in insurance - AMERICAblog

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Banks refusing to issue $208m in insurance - AMERICAblog
By Chris in Paris
Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank & JP Morgan Chase are reportedly sitting on $130m ininsurance checks for thousands of victims of Hurricane Sandy. - Great Prices on Inkjet and Toner Cartridges!

Rackspace revenue misses as web hosting growth slows

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Rackspace revenue misses as web hosting growth slows
Reuters Canada
(Reuters) - Web hosting company Rackspace Hosting Inc reported a 25 percent rise in quarterly revenue that narrowly missed analysts' estimates, sending its shares down nearly 10 percent in extended trading on concerns that growth is slowing. San ... - Great Prices on Inkjet and Toner Cartridges!

Winners announced for 2013 Canadian car, utility vehicle of the year

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Winners announced for 2013 Canadian car, utility vehicle of the year

The Automotive Journalists Association of Canada has awarded the 2013 Canadian car of the year to the Honda Accord Sedan. The award for the top utility vehicle went to the Hyundai Santa Fe. - Great Prices on Inkjet and Toner Cartridges!

How Does Google Make Its Money: The 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords

The most expensive Google AdWords Keywords

E-commerce: About Pinnacle Cart

Pinnacle Cart is one of the top shopping cart and ecommerce software solutions on the web, powering over 25,000 online stores.

Pinnacle Cart provides an extremely powerful php shopping cart and web site builder application that allows you to create, manage and effectively market your store online. Get a complete eCommerce solution with customized storefront design. Built from a marketing perspective, Pinnacle Cart is designed to increase traffic, drive sales, and increase the average sale amount.

Pinnacle cart Advantages:
* Easy enough that new users can easily set up their own online store in minutes, with no programming experience needed
* Powerful enough to be used by major web retailers including NPR, HBO, Showtime, NBA, and Corona.
* Available as either a hosted or licensed solution
* Easy to use design tools and great looking pre-made themes
* Certified “Best Search Engine Optimized Ecommerce Application” by SEO Shopping Carts
* Fully integrated with Facebook, Ebay,, and Majo…

The Programmer's Bill of Rights

Tips for successful online game

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Ways to create a successful game online:

Find an investor who’s crazy enough to give you millions of dollarsPut it on a distribution network and hope you get enough customers willing to buy it as a download.Make a Flash mini-game, let people play it for free, and watch the ad revenue pour in when the site gets 20 million pageviews a month. - Great Prices on Inkjet and Toner Cartridges!

Monetize Web Site

For I88.CA, Adsense > Infolinks > Amazon Associate

Sold ThroughRevenue1AdSenseGoogle$1 CPM2Affiliate ProgramsAmazon,, etc1-2% sales3Traditional Ad NetworksContextWeb, ValueClick, AdOn, etc$1-$2 CPM4Automated Text Link AdsTextLinkAds$25/link

Tips of E-mail Marketing Campaigns

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In relation to making cash on the web I'm certain you realize that building an e-mail list will be really important to your success. Actually you are going to find that this is actually a method that Online Marketers have used for many years to be able to become profitable. Of course many individuals have discovered that it's not as simple as they thought it is to end up building an e-mail list. One of the most difficult things for individuals to do is to actually start making cash from their list, and this can be as a result of the fact that they don't have the information they require. In this post we're going to be explaining a few things you need to know in relation to e-mail marketing and advertising.

For individuals who would like to earn as much money as possible from your list it will be important for you to produce trust between you and your subscribers. Letting individuals understand that you actually understand what you are discussing is importan…

Share shocking news at

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 Share shocking news at Plenty of entrepreneurs are not aware of the right way to utilize immense traffic at digg. At digg, the articles that acquire the best digging and top placement about the homepage are shocking news types of articles. Others include entertainment articles, sports, celebrity, disease and disasters. If you’re affilite marketer and also your niche is wealth creation, you will want an exclusive skill to acquire real traffic. Why? For the reason that work from home, earn money online articles doesn’t receive visitors. Consumers are tired with all of these stuffs mainly because they have loosed their money. There is however the right way to get the crooks to your make money site. Make a free blog at or wordpress and let it involve dogs, current news, celebrity gossips and so forth, then hyperlink to your real website through your blog. i.e. you will be redirecting visitors your internet site through your blog. - Great…

Hospital emergency department in Ontario

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If you are in a life threatening situation, dial 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency department. If you are unsure whether it is an emergency, visit your closest hospital emergency department or call Telehealth Ontario, a toll-free telephone line set up by the Government of Ontario, at 1-866-797-0000.

What I don't like about Samsung

In some Samsung tablets and mobiles, you are force to see some apps such as allshare, you can not uninstall them unless you take time to root the devices because they are system apps.

And in some devices you have no Google play and you can not install it unless you take your risk and extra effors to install it.

And if you want to install some app from the ugly Samsung App, you have to fill a lot of fields to register a Samsung account. If you forget your account, it is difficult to get your password.

Will Wilkinson (Big Think)

“As an undergrad I was an art major. Frankly, few of my fellow art majors were talented enough to make a living at it, even after four (or more!) years of training. Sure they loved art, but in the immortal words of Tina Turner, “What’s love got to do with it?” “Find what you love and never settle for less” is an excellent recipe for frustration and poverty. “Reconcile yourself to the limits of your talent and temperament and find the most satisfactory compromise between what you love to do and what you need to do feed your children” is rather less stirring, but it’s much better advice.”

Steve Jobs in his Stanford University graduation speech

“I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You’ve got to find what you love.”

“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.”

Canadian Company Research

Check out the company on sites like Glassdoor, Manta, or Hoovers.--from

company research:


Life Insurance

Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage life insurance protects your family’s home in the event of the unimaginable. Mortgage life insurance attempts to provide some peace of mind by covering one of the most important financial commitments you’ll probably ever have. Mortgage life insurance provides coverage in the form of paying out your mortgage to the lender. So, if the principle on the mortgage were to die with $253,000 still owed on the mortgage, the lender would receive the death benefit and the title on the house cleared. It is important to note that the premiums you pay for mortgage life insurance don’t decrease over time. Instead, what you pay is based on the initial amount you borrow. What does decrease though is your death benefit.
Many people choose term life insurance over mortgage life insurance as its death benefit never decreases. Perhaps the most obvious downside to with mortgage life insurance is that since it only covers the remainder of your mortgage and is pai…