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Get a Registered Agent for small business

If you’ve incorporated or formed an LLC for your startup, the state requires that an agent for the business is always available during normal business hours and has a physical address, in order to receive important mail sent by the state (such as tax documents or a notice of litigation).

For this reason, many small businesses get a registered agent to take the responsibility. Anyone can access registered agent’s address because it is public. You can keep your personal address information confidential.

Fido experience

This is my experience, yours maybe different from mine. Fido CSR often gave me wrong information and suggestion when I called them.
If you don't pay attention, your contract with Fido will be contract + 30 days. You need you to give them 30 days notice before you can terminate your contract. But Fido CSR told me I could only call them after my contract was over. My actual contract now can only terminate longer than expected. 
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Search engine traffic

Google has approximately 85 percent of the global market for search traffic on desktop and laptop computers, according to published sources. Yahoo! and Bing have 7 and 4 percent, respectively. On smartphones and tablets, Google's share is more than 90 percent.

$50 FREE from Bank

Get $50 FREE for opening ING Direct Account

Orange Keyis 31001850S1.

ING Direct Canada has a promotion until December 31, 2012 for new clients opening Checking Account with a minimum balance of $100. Bank will give you a $50 bonus if you provide the Orange Key 31001850S1 when signing up. After December 31 you will get $25.
Please go to
ING Canada is guaranteed by Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Why to bank with ING Direct:
Chequing is an online account that has no monthly fees;
Unlimited bill payments and transactions;
First chequebook (50 cheques) is free;
Not only Saving but Chequing account pays interest;
Best Saving, RRSP, etc. rates among all banks;
Free email alerts;
Free nation-wide ABM access through THE EXCHANGE® Network;
Email Money Transfers are free;
Mobile banking is available;
Drafts are available;

I have been a client of the ING for many years and all the time have been enjoying its free services, promotions and great rates…