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renter’s insurance

Is it worth the chance? – The chances of something actually happening are so small it’s not worth the cost. There are a number of common incidences and simple mistakes that are generally covered under renter’s insurance, including:If there is a break-in at your homeIf you have a party and you accidentally cause damage to your neighbour’s property or your landlord’s propertyIf you forget to turn off your water when you leave your home for the winter holidays, and one of your pipes freezes and bursts
Ensure you’re covered for liability – What many people don’t realize is that they may be liable if someone is injured on their property. If your landlord doesn't salt the walkway in the winter, and someone trips, negligence may fall with your landlord. But if they slipped inside your apartment because you didn’t clean up a puddle, you may be liable for their medical bills, lost wages and damages for pain and suffering out of your own pocketUnderstand your coverage – Make sure you underst…