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What is the first, second and third level support?

Typically Level 1 are just normal people reading the instructions off a teleprompt, or computer screen in front of them. They are the ones who ask if the computer is plugged in or not. They are just there for basic knowledge. Level 2 is a little more specialized. Normally in the field you have a question regarding, such as Networking (the most common) or Hardware, or software. They normally have a good understanding of the field, and can help you with most tasks such as Reissuing you an I.P Address, or telling you the Default Gateway for your Router. Level 3 techies are the big dogs. They are fully specialized in a certain field. Not networking, but Broadband Network Interfacing, or something of the sort. These people are the ones who know vast ammounts of one knowledge for one VERY PARTICULAR field. They can help you do advanced things like manually setting up a DHCP Network and DNS Server.

MySQL session

Session variables are set in the scope of your session with the MySQL server. A session starts with a connection to the server and ends when the connection is closed. Variables go out of scope once the connection is terminated.