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Can't shut down a fixed-speed cruise car on the Highway

March 14, 2018 around 8 o'clock in the evening, Jiaozuo Mr. Xue driving Yu h5lxxx Mercedes-Benz c200l sedan, along the high-speed from east to west to Chengdu to participate in the national Fair.

At that time, he drove alone from the high-speed Luoyang section of the high-speed, then turned on the vehicle speed cruise mode, 120 kilometers per hour to the west.

All the way smoothly Mr. Xue after the Sanmenxia East station, the need to switch manual driving, but found a deadly situation: brakes and gear and other systems can not operate normally, 120 kilometers per hour of the car, how can not switch back. Just bought one months of car problems, let him at a loss, the car has been unable to slow down, unable to stop.

This means that he will face the test of life and death as long as there is any obstacle to spin down.

Mr. Xue in the course of many telephone consultation after the Mercedes-Benz sales, according to its various solutions provided for operation, not result... At 9:35, i…